Mental Training

You can learn mental strength.

About 1.5 kg of grey mass in your head ensures that you perceive, comprehend and feel. How well our brain works mainly depends on us – essentially, it can be trained just like any other muscle. You yourself can programme it from depressed to happy, bored to creative, old to young – simply by using mental training.

Originally a method to optimise motion sequences in sport, mental training is today the approach to achieve success in all areas of life: in your job, in sport or leisure time, with your family or partner. Above all, however, people often seek personal, holistic and inner satisfaction above anything else.

“You are what you think!”

We often encounter resistance to change and new ways of thinking in our life: ingrained habits, thought patterns and fears; often behaviour that we act out again and again. In actual fact, the “programmes” are a meaningful evolutionary device, as they enable us to react swiftly and instinctively to hazardous situations.

Life in our fast-moving society has, however, distanced us from our original way of life. Sequences and processes stored long ago quickly lose their validity and meaning today.

Think of your programmed attitudes as a railway track: a particular line always takes you to the same final destination. Getting out is almost impossible. Does this sound familiar?

So why not create new lines for new destinations?! Mental training allows you to lay the foundations for new behaviour patterns; old lines gradually become overgrown and are ultimately forgotten. At that point, the junctures will only point you in the direction of your new destination.

ISONO Mental Training supports your positive inner attitude and helps you overcome old, obstructive beliefs. The sustainable effect is achieved by the simple repetition of the same phrases: new thoughts gradually become familiar to us, take up room in our mind and slowly but surely convince us. Your subconsciousness receives a new programme and opens the door for you to fulfil your desires effortlessly.

Subconscious programming for new behaviour patterns can start at any time – using the ISONO Mental Training System as the perfect support.

“The quality of life is the result of our thoughts.” – Dr. Joseph Murphy