Personality Development

In the first stage of life we are marked and shaped by our environment – by education, our family set-up and the environment we were born into.

These early influences become firmly fixed components of our personality and ultimately determine our thoughts and behaviour patterns. Some of these shackle our potential, inhibit our development and hamper our creativity.
But you can be certain of one thing: no one is at the mercy of their old ways of thinking and behaving forever. You can take control in your brain and in your life, but you will need more than a solely rational, willpower-driven process – above all we must activate the powers of the sub-consciousness to be able to make full use of our potential.

The path to a self-determined life

By using the ISONO Mental Training System you can dispel specific blockades and fears, change your behaviour patterns and attitudes lastingly, or simply motivate yourself. Think about the influences that characterise you, and from which you can learn to lead a new, self-determined life. Discover how to access your creativity and gain strength and self-confidence from this in all areas of life, whether in your career, in sport, leisure or family. Use the power of your thoughts to reach your goals. Learn to bring body, mind and soul in harmony, because it is this harmony that will be the source of your happiness and success.

Tune your brain!

Special affirmations tailored individually to your personal needs point you in the right direction for a happy and fulfilled life. Affirmations give you confidence, strengthen your belief in your abilities and smooth the path to your goal with rushing thoughts. Use the ISONO Mental Training System for your success: you can continually and consistently improve concentration, motivation and relaxation. The ISONO Language and Mental Training System is a new and highly innovative development that will very quickly and easily enable you to transport positive statements into your sub-consciousness. With the ISONO Mental Training System you can train at the office, whilst driving or even in your sleep. Prepare yourself mentally without spending any additional time on the process – and be relaxed and focussed at the same time.